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How To Fix A Broken Button In Your Jeans

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Those Of You Who Like To Wear Jeans Often Encounter Little Things Like This. The Iron Buttons On Jeans Are Very Easy To Wear Out Soon After You Buy Them. They Don’t Button Up Properly, And I’m Worried They Might Slip Off From Time To Time. So Many Netizens Will Choose These Pants Will Be Shelved There, No Longer Wear It.
Such A Good Pair Of Jeans, Do Not Wear them And Feel Special Waste. But Can’t Find The Solution, How To Do? Don’t Worry If You Are In This Situation. Today Will Share With You A Quick Solution To The Problem Of Broken Jeans and Buttons. Next, Please Follow Together To See How To Operate In The End!

Step 1: Use A Pair Of Scissors To Cut Off The Base Of The Button.
If You Button Your Jeans Too Often, It Will Break Easily. When The Button Broke, One Of The Buttons Was Still Fastened To The Trousers. Not Only Affect The New Button But Also Not Beautiful. The Key Is That The Nail Occupies The Place He Does Not Move, Is A Real Nail House.
In Real Life, Many Netizens Encounter This Kind Of Situation And Don’t Know What To Do. Well, A Lot Of People Choose To Have A Heart Button On The Side. What A Nice Pair Of Jeans! Directly Because Of This Bad Button Has Affected The Beauty Of The Whole Jeans.

We Need To Take The Scissors And Cut All The Buttons Off The Jeans. Here We Must Pay Careful Attention To, Must Be The Whole Buckle All To It Cut Out.

When The Button Is Unbuttoned, It Will Expose A Little Hole. Very Ugly.

Step 2: A Dime + A Piece Of Denim
At This Time We Need To Use The Life Of A Dime And A Small Piece Of Round Cloth With The Same Color As Your Jeans.
We Need To Put This Coin Right In The Middle Of The Opposite Side Of The Cloth. The Size Of The Cloth Is The Diameter Of Three Coins.

Step 3: Sew The Cloth Around The Coin With A Needle.
After We Put The Coin Right In The Middle Of The Cloth, Run The Needle Thread Around The Coin, And Sew It In A Circle. Very Simple, You Just Need To Stitch The Coin Slowly. It Can Be Done Well Without Much Skill.

What Happens After You Sew It Around The Coin? At This Point, We Need To Move On. In The Process Of Operation Must Pay Attention To The Details, Otherwise Can Not Reach A Certain Degree Of Beauty.

Step 4: Tighten The Sewing Thread

Just In The Balancing Process, The Line Is Very Relaxed. At This Time, We Need To Pull The End Of The Rope And Slowly Pull The Relaxed Line To Tighten It. During The Tightening Process, You Will Find That The Coin Is Tightly Wrapped In The Cloth.

It’s Like A Flower On The Back, And We Need To Pull The String As Tight As Possible. Don’t Let The Coin Loose In Any Way.

Step 5: Tighten Homemade Buttonheads.

We Did Not Take Out The Needle Just Now. At This Time, We Need To Turn The Coin Button Over And Sew It Firmly With The Needle. Let The Mole Fabric Button Become More Firm, More Solid.

In The Process Of Sewing Him Again, The County Must Be Tightened. Avoid Us In The Process Of Use Because Of The High Frequency Of Use And Become Loose. If You Can, You Can Sew Him More Times.

Step 6: Push This Cloth Button Through The Small Hole In Your Pants.

We Have Made Our Own Coin Unbuttoned. At This Time, We Need To Wear The Cloth Button Through This Small Hole In The Pants. The Unbuttoned Front Faces Out, The Unbuttoned Back Faces In.

Step 7: Smooth Fabric Buttons And Sew them To The Pants.
After Putting The Cloth Button Through The Small Hole, We Need To Lay The Tail Of The Cloth Button Flat On The Pants. Spread As Flat As Possible And Stretch To The Maximum. Then Hold It Down With Your Hand, And Sew The Cloth Button To The Top Of The Pants With The Needle And Thread.

In The Process Of Sewing, We Need To Wrap This Tail Around And Sew It Firmly Into The Top Of The Pants. Work The Needle A Little Closer Today, Then Sew The Inside Layer Of The Trousers. So That The Surface Of The Pants Will Not Appear To Be Your Sewing Marks.

Tie The Knot Several Times In The End To Avoid The Loose Sewing Thread Causing The Whole Button To Fall Off, And Then Cut The Thread With Scissors. And So A Beautiful Denim Button Has Grown. Inside Is Also Particularly Beautiful, Like A Small Flower, Let Him Turn To The Front To Have A Look. The Unbuttoned Echo Of Jeans. It’s Particularly Beautiful, And You Don’t See Any Signs Of Damage.

★ Life Needs Little Tricks. Little Tricks Come From Life.
★ Life Is A Few Small Things If You Learn To Are Your Ability. Using The Right Life Hacks Can Help You Do More With Less. Make Your Life Easier.
★ A Pair Of Beautiful Jeans, The Button Is Off, Never Have To Worry About The Button Can Not Be Repaired. Without Too Much Effort, It’s Very Simple And Easy To Learn, And You Can Turn It Into A More Beautiful Cloth Button. Save Money, Effort, And Worry.

The Above Jeans Button Is Broken, Repair Tips Have You Learned


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