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metal D RING
  1. Electroplating Problems

Electroplating Is An Essential Part Of Every Hardware Buckle.

1). From The Type Of Electroplating Can Be Divided Into: Rolling Electricity, Hanging Electricity.

A. Rolling Electricity Is Used In Products With Low Requirements On The Appearance Of Hardware Buckle Products. The Surface Of The Hardware Products Produced By Electroplating Will Not Be Very Bright And There Will Be Scratches. Of Course, The Electroplating Cost Is Also Lower. Corns, Bump Nails, Five-claw Buttons And Button Bottom Are Generally Used For Rolling B. Hanging Power Is Used For Products With High Requirements On The Appearance Of Hardware Buckle Products, Such As Alloy Button Face, Hardware Needle Buckle And Hardware Chain.

2). From The Aspect Of Environmental Protection Can Be Divided Into: Ratchet Plating, Ratchet Plating.

Electroplating Is The Chemical Treatment Of Color Into A Film, Attached To The Surface Of The Product. If The Ingredients Of “ratchon” Are Infiltrated In The Electroplating Process, It Will Lead To Non-compliance With National Environmental Protection Standards

Laksa Electroplating; Such As In The Plating Process Does Not Penetrate The “laksa” Component, That Is Laksa Plating. Of Course, Hardware Products Also Have Requirements For Raw Materials, Such As Raw Materials Which Itself Contains “laksa” That Can Not Do Laksa Plating. (example: The Raw Material Is Iron, Because It Contains Excessive “laksa” Component, So The Product With Iron Can Not Do Laksa Plating.)

3). Commonly Used Electroplating Colors Are: Green Copper, Black Copper, Red Copper, Ratchet, Dumb Ratchet, Black Ratchet, Light Black Ratchet, Dark Black Ratchet, Etc.; There Are Also Some Special Spray Color: Spray Half Light Oil, Spray Full Light Oil, Spray Dumb Oil And So On.

metal d ring
  1. Needle Detector

The Principle Is To Detect Iron Through The Magnetic Field, Such As Testing Iron-containing Products, Open The Needle Test Machine, Will Issue A Warning Signal, The General Factory Is To Use The Needle Test Machine As The Environmental Protection Detection Machine For Hardware Products.


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