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10mm 14mm 18mm Magnetic Snap Fastener Clasps

Most Metal Buttons Are Made Of Copper Products, While Nylon, Rubber And Alloy Are All Mixed Products. For The Majority Of Clothing Customers And Friends, Understand The Use Of Products, Can Be More Effective Use In Production, Improve The Quality Of Procurement, And Can Cooperate With Designers To Carry Out Work.
One Basic Understanding Of Button Products
The General Types Of Buttons Are As Follows:
A. Copper (iron) Products
B. Nylon And Rubber Products
C. Alloy Products (hardware Buttons)
D. Wood And Other Materials
Attached: Buttons According To Material Classification: Metal Buttons (also Called Hardware Buttons Or Alloy Buttons, Such As: Zinc Aluminum Alloy Buttons), Resin Buttons, Plastic Buttons, Fruit Buttons, Coconut Buttons, Cloth Bag Button (also Called Cloth Bag Button), Nail Bead Buttons, Wood Buttons, Urea Buttons, Leather Buttons, Shell Buttons, Ceramic Buttons, Stone Buttons, Etc.
Two Core Product Type Characteristics
Emergency Button (also Known As Four-in-one Button), Mostly Used For Windbreaker, Leather, Casual Wear, Children’s Wear…… Etc.
1). The Change Will Be In The Button Surface (including Material, Size, Color, Logo), And Matched With The Corresponding Bottom Three Pieces. The Four Commonly Used Materials Of The Knob Face Are: Copper, Alloy, Nylon, Rubber. (copper Surface And Alloy Surface Are Metal Materials, Nylon And Rubber Are Plastic Materials, Nylon Is Hard, Rubber Is Soft.
2). Four Commonly Used Bottom Parts Specification Name: Bead Button Bottom #484 (also Known As #408), #486 (also Known As #409), Sewing Bottom #405, #406
3). From The Production Process, The Button Face Is Divided Into Two Kinds: One Is Stamping Parts, The Other Is Die-casting Parts, Copper Button Face Is Stamping Parts, Alloy And Plastic Material Button Face Is Die-casting Parts; Because Of The Different Process, Alloy And Copper Can Make Different Styles And Styles Of The Button Surface.
4). The Biggest Requirement Of The Button Is The Control Of The Tension, And The Prerequisite Is The Selection Of Copper Material. How To Distinguish Between Good And Bad Products? Can Be Distinguished From The Appearance Shape, Plating Color, Weight Comparison And Other Aspects.
Denim Button (also Known As I-button), Mostly Used For Denim Clothing, And More Recently For Casual Wear
1). The Traditional I-button Is Made Of A Single Copper Material. Due To The Fierce Competition, It Has Begun To Diversify Its Fashion In Recent Years, And Its Materials Have Also Changed Accordingly. The Most Used Is Alloy Die-casting Button Surface, Which Further Expands The Professional Knowledge Of Grinding And Polishing.
2). From Its Style, I-button Is Mainly Divided Into The Following Types:
Plastic Core I Button – Screw/arrow Nail
Single Pin I Button – Short Double – Cut Nail
Rotate The I-button – Long Double – Cut Nail
Double Pin I Button – Copper Double Pin Nail
3). From The Material Division Button Can Be Divided Into:
Brass Top I-button
Alloy Face I Button
Plastic Face I Button
4). Copper And Alloy Face I – Button For The Common Cowboy Button, Because Copper Face Stamping And Alloy Die Casting Can Be Done
A Variety Of Styles And Industrial Different I-button Styles, More Suitable For Clothing Production Needs.

The Corns Meson (general And Button Match)
1). Corns Meson Materials Commonly Used Are Two Kinds: Copper Material, Iron Material.
Copper Corns Are Used In Windbreaker, Leather, Casual Wear, Cowboy Clothing.
2). Generally Used For Copper Corns, Its Specifications Are Divided Into: 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 2l 3l 4l
20l 22l 24l 25l 26l 27l 28l 29l 30l 34l
3). Corns Products In The Process Of Use, If The Cloth Is Too Thin Or Elastic Cloth, To Avoid The Need To Clip The Cloth With Glue Meson.
4). The Common Style Of Corns Is Round, And There Are Some Special Styles To Meet The Needs Of Clothing Production, Such As Square Corns, Oval Corns, Mesh Corns And So On.
Claw Button (also Known As 4-in-1 Button), Mostly Used For Children’s Wear, Women’s Wear And A Small Amount Of Casual Wear.
1). Five Claw Button Is Generally Made Of Copper Material, Commonly Used Specifications Are: #111 (specification Is 6.9mm) #222 (specification Is 9.5mm) #333 (specification Is 10.2mm) #555 (specification Is 15mm) #666 (specification Is 17mm) #888 (specification Is 21mm)
2). Five Claw Button Commonly Used Styles Are: Double Ring Five Claw, Bead Surface Five Claw, Etc
3). In Order To Meet The Needs Of Clothing Production, The Five-claw Button Can Also Be Matched With A Variety Of Bead Styles, Including: Color, Pattern, Logo, Etc. Because The Five-claw Button Is Mostly Used In Children’s Clothing, The European Union Countries Are Very Cautious About Environmental Protection And Chemicals Harmful To Children (mainly Refers To Direct Contact With The Skin), And Have Formulated The Corresponding Legal Standards, So The Five-claw Button Electro

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