The Basics Of Pulling Heads


In The Clothing Industry, Although The Pull Head Is Small, It Plays A Great Role.
1、 Head Of Slider
The Puller Body Is The Main Part Of The Puller. Puller Body Has
Two Inlets And One Meshing Outlet, Upper Plate And Lower Plate
Plate. The Upper Plate Is Equipped With A Pull Nose, Which Is Connected With The Lower Plate Through The Supporting Core
One. There Are
Upper Reinforcement And Lower Reinforcement. As Shown In The Figure:
There Are Many Kinds Of Pull Heads, Which Can Be Divided Into Metal Chain Pull Heads And Resin (nylon) According To The Types Of Zippers
Chain Puller, Plastic Steel Chain Puller, Seal Chain Puller, Reverse Chain Puller, Film Plastic Seal Puller, Etc.
Why Are These Zipper Heads Classified? Can’t We Unify Them Into One? Generally Speaking, Pull
The Head Is Not Universal, Because The Width And Thickness Of Zippers Of Different Varieties Are Different
Like. As Shown In The Figure Above, A And B Are In Nylon Zipper
The Dimensions Of Plastic Steel Zippers And Metal Zippers Are Different.
Nylon Zipper Head: The Overall Shape Of The Zipper Head Is Generally Semicircular. Zipper Head Cloth Seam Due To
The Nylon Zipper Has Teeth On Only One Side, So The Cloth Seam Is Wider On One Side And Narrower On The Other.
Metal Zipper Head: The Zipper Head Has Sharp Or Obvious Edges And Corners, Because There Are Teeth On Both Sides,
So Both Sides Of The Side Seam Are The Same Width.
Plastic Steel Zipper Head: The Whole Zipper Head Is Semicircular Arc Or Butterfly Shaped. Because Of Both Sides
Both Have Teeth, So The Width Of The Side Seam Is The Same On Both Sides.


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