The Difference Between Jeans Buttons And I-buttons

I-button, also known as I-button, will think of the I-button used in denim clothing above, but at present, the use of the I-button is more. Some casual clothing or the material is relatively thick, will also use the I-button, or for decorative purposes, or practical.

I-buckle classification, according to different standards, classification is also different.

According to the top of the pants, whether the buckle surface is active, the I-buckle is divided into shaking I-buckle and dead I-buckle.

According to the different diameters of the buckle surface, it can be divided into 15mm, 17mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, and so on. Commonly used are 15mm, 17mm, 20mm

According to the different metal processing raw materials used for buttons and different colors, it can be divided into bronze, bronze, iron, stainless steel, and so on, and now called nylon. I haven’t seen this before.

According to whether the buckle surface is empty solid, divided into hollow I-buckle, solid I-buckle

So a description of the I-buckle, inside the adjectives are a string, such as 17mm shake head hollow plate bronze I-buckle.

Now there are drill I-buckle and luminous I-buckle, which can be said to be a variety of ah. Plus through electroplating, painting, and other technology, the I-buckle is a variety of. But the nail on the I-buckle is the need for grinding tools, grinding tools classification is also according to the diameter of the buckle surface to separate special instructions with drilling is very expensive, according to the brightness is divided into A drilling and B drilling. The A-diamond is very bright. It gives off colored light. B The drill is not so good. There is light but it is not bright.

1). The traditional I-button is made of a single copper material. Due to fierce competition, it has begun to diversify into fashion in recent years, and its materials have also changed accordingly.

2). From its style, I-button is mainly divided into the following types:

Plastic core I button – screw/arrow nail

The single pin I button – short double-cut nail

Rotate the I-button – long double-cut nail

The double pin I button – copper double pin nail

3). From the material division button can be divided into:

A brass face I button

Alloy face I button

The plastic face I button

4). Copper surface and alloy surface I-button for commonly used cowboy button because copper surface stamping and alloy die casting can be done

A variety of styles and industrial different I-button styles, more suitable for clothing production needs.

Denim clothing will generally be used in the I-button and bump nail these two categories, so do you know the special place of these two types of buttons? Below let Xiaobian with you to understand the characteristics of these two types of buttons.

Denim buttons are also known as denim buttons, I-button, etc., mainly used for jeans, casual wear, and other buttons; Usually, there are glue core buttons, movable buttons, single needle buttons, double-needle buttons, etc., and the surface can be electroplating, spray oil, screen printing, laser, drip glue, and other processing; Product material is generally made of copper, iron, zinc alloy, plastic; In order to play a better decorative role, many products are at the same time on the surface of the diamond insert, laser, milling, and other processing, more beautiful and generous

I-button is divided into rubber core (generally with aluminum screws, screws also have length), rubber foot (with screws), rotation (can be equipped with aluminum double section nails or aluminum screw, can also be equipped with covering surface copper nails), double-needle (with copper double fork nails), single needle (can be equipped with aluminum double section nails, tie mouth nails and covering surface copper nails). The easy problem with the I-button is rotating I-button and double-needle I-button. For I-button, if the customer’s clothing fabric is extra thick, pay attention to the length of a nail; If the fabric used by the customer is extremely thin, it is better to pay attention to whether the pad glue meson.

Bump nails commonly known as rivets, by bump cap (A) and bump nail (B) two parts. It is mainly used for stitching the corners of thicker fabrics to make clothes more beautiful and generous. For example, in jeans, backpacks, jacket pockets, and other clothing, there are a variety of shapes and sizes, shapes and sizes, and colors. Bump nails on jeans are more durable, and the patterns on nails can also be designed into a variety of patterns.


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