Types And Uses Of Rivets

metal rivet

Rivet Types Can Be Roughly Divided Into Open Mouth Type, Closed Type, Double Drum Type, Single Drum Type Series, The Following Models For A Simple Description. Countersunk Type Core-pulling Rivets: Riveting Of Riveted Parts Requiring Smooth And Beautiful Surface After Riveting. Double Drum Core Rivet: When Riveting, The Core Will Pull The End Of The Rivet Nail Body Into A Double Drum Shape, Clamping The Two Structural Parts To Be Riveted, And Can Reduce The Pressure On The Surface Of The Structural Parts. Purpose: Mainly Used For Riveting All Kinds Of Thin Structural Parts Of Vehicles, Ships, Construction, Machinery, Electronics And Other Industries. Large Rims Core-pulling Rivet: Compared With Ordinary Rivet, The Diameter Of The Aluminum Cap Is Significantly Larger. When The Rivet Is Riveted With The Connector, The Rivet Has A Larger Contact Area, A Stronger Support Surface So As To Enhance The Torque Strength, And Can Withstand Higher Radial Tension. Applicable Industry: Suitable For Tight Soft, Fragile Surface Material And Oversize Hole, Increase The Cap Rim Diameter For Soft Material Has Special Protection Application. Closed Type Core-pulling Rivets: Designed To Wrap The Mandrel After Riveting, Very Suitable For Many Applications With Waterproof Requirements. With High Shear Force, Anti Vibration, Anti High Pressure.

The Rivet Body Is Also Made Of High Quality Aluminum Wire, Beautiful And Durable After Riveting Will Never Appear Rust Phenomenon: Compared With Ordinary Rivets, Rivet Riveting Strength Is Lower, Suitable For Soft Material Connection. Open Stainless Steel Rivet: This Rivet Is A High Tensile Demand, Corrosion Resistant Choice. Semicircle Head Rivets Are Mainly Used For Riveting Under Large Transverse Load, The Most Widely Used. Because Of The Fat Of The Nail Head, The Flat Cone Head Rivet Is Corrosion Resistant, And It Is Often Used In The Strong Corrosion Of Ship Hull, Boiler Water Tank And Other Riveting Occasions.

Flat Head Rivet

Countersunk Head, Half Countersunk Head, 1200 Countersunk Head, Half Countersunk Head Rivets Are Mainly Used For The Surface Needs To Be Smooth, The Load Is Not Large Riveting Occasions. Flat Head Rivets Are Used For Riveting Occasions Under Ordinary Loads. Flat Head And Flat Head Rivets Are Mainly Used For Riveting Of Metal Sheet, Leather, Canvas, Wood And Other Non-metallic Materials. Large Flat Head Rivets Are Mainly Used For Riveting Non-metallic Materials. Semi-hollow Rivet Is Mainly Used For Small Load Riveting Occasions. Headless Rivets Are Mainly Used For Riveting Non-metallic Materials. Hollow Rivets Are Light In Weight And Weak In Head. They Are Used For Riveting Of Non-metallic Materials With Small Load. Tubular Rivets Are Used For Non – Metallic Materials Without Load Riveting Occasions. Label Rivets Are Mainly Used For Riveting Machines, Equipment And Other Nameplates.

The Rivet

Core-pulling Rivet Is A Kind Of Single Riveting Rivet, But Must Use Special Tools – Rivet Gun (manual, Electric, Pneumatic) For Riveting. This Kind Of Rivets Are Especially Suitable For The Riveting Occasions Which Are Inconvenient To Use Ordinary Rivets (riveted From Both Sides), So They Are Widely Used In Buildings, Automobiles, Ships, Aircraft, Machines, Electrical Appliances, Furniture And Other Products. Among Them, The Open-mouth Flat Head Core-pulling Rivet Is The Most Widely Used, Countersunk Head Core-pulling Rivet Is Suitable For The Performance Of The Need For Smooth Riveting Occasions, Closed Type Core-pulling Rivet Is Suitable For The Requirements Of Higher Load And Have A Certain Sealing Performance Of The Riveting Occasions.

Core Rivet Is Another Kind Of Single Riveted Rivet. When Riveting, The Head Of The Rivet Is Hit By A Hand Hammer To Reveal The Core, So That It Is Flush With The End Face Of The Head, That Is, The Riveting Operation Is Completed. It Is Very Convenient, Especially Suitable For The Riveting Occasions Where It Is Inconvenient To Use Ordinary Rivet (riveted From Both Sides) Or Core Pulling Rivet (lack Of A Rivet Gun). Usually Apply Flat Head Core Riveting, Countersunk Head Core Riveting Is Suitable For The Surface Of The Need For Smooth Riveting Occasions. Some Rivets Can Also Be Matched On Clothing, Which Has Become A Popular Element Today, Most Of Which Are The Representatives Of Punk Style. In Addition, There Are Rivets, More Special. Divided Into Two Parts, The Thicker Part Of The Cap Rod Body Has A Hole In The Center, And The Thinner Part Of The Cap Rod Body Is Interference Fit. When Riveting, Drive The Thin Rod Into The Thick Rod


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