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Types of Buttons

shank button

Sewing Knobs And Emergency Knobs Can Also Be Collectively Referred To As Four-button (collectively Referred To As Outside The Industry). The Difference Between The Button And The Button Is Different From The Tension (closing Force), The Button Adopts The Spring To Control The Tension, The Tension Is Smaller Than The Sewing Button And Will Not Change, The Sewing Button Adopts The Spring Ring Control, The Tension Value Is Relatively Large, Used For Buggies, Golf Bags, And Other Sports Equipment, Used For High Tension Demand Items, The Button Is Used For Clothing Fabrics And So On. A Closer Look At The Internal Structure Of The Process Is Also Different.

Classification Of Buttons

A. According To Button Size (i.e., Diameter)

Button Picture

That’s 14#, 16#, 18#, 20#, 60# And So On! Its Commutation Formula Is Diameter = Model Size *0.635(mm). If We Have A Button In Our Hands And Don’t Know Its Size, We Can Measure Its Diameter In Millimeters With A Caliper And Divide By 0.635.

B. There Is Another Way To Express The Size Of The Button, Namely L

The Conversion Relationship Is As Follows:

Button Size:

Lignes 1l=0.635mm 1mm=1/25 Inch Inch) Method Unit :l, Lignes

14l= 8.89mm =11/32″

16 L = 10.16 Mm = 13/32″

18l= 11.43mm =15/32″

20l= 12.7mm =1/2″

60l= 38.1mm =1-1/2″

C. Number And Unit Of Buttons:

Piece Pc.=1pc

Ozen D.=12pcs

Rogers’s G.=144pcs

Great Gross Gg.=1728pcs=12g. Great Gross Gg.= 1728pcs = 12g

D. By Material:

Natural Types: Real Shell Buckle, Coconut Buckle, Wood Buckle, Bone Buckle (common Horn Buckle), Bamboo Buckle, Fruit Buckle, Shell Buckle, And So On

Chemical: Organic Buckle, Resin Buckle, Ceramic (zirconia) Buckle, Plastic Buckle, Composite Buckle, Urea Buckle, Spray Paint Buckle, Electroplating Buckle, Child Buckle, Cloth Buckle, Chin Buckle, Etc

Others: Chinese Knot, Four-fold Buckle, Metal Buckle, Horn Buckle, Imitation Leather Buckle, I Buckle, Cowboy Buckle, Magnet Buckle, Laser Letter Buckle, Vibrating Buckle, Etc

E. In The Resin Buckle, It Can Be Divided From The Blank:

Rod Buckle: Pearlescent Buckle, Pattern Buckle, Ordinary Rod, And So On

Plate Buckle: Pearlescent Corrugated Plate (including False Corrugated, True Corrugated), Pearlescent Plate, Striped Plate, Monochrome Plate

Manhattan: Colorful Buttons, Monochrome Buttons

F. According To The Hole:

Dark Eye Button: Usually On The Back Of The Button, Through The Button Radial Perforation.

Bright Eye Button: Directly Through The Front And Back Of The Button, Generally Have Four Eye Button And Two Eye Button

High Foot Button: On The Back Of The Button, But On The Back Of The Button There Is A Handle With A Hole In The Handle.

G, From The Safety Deduction Method Points:

Hand Stitch: Sewn Directly Onto A Garment With Thread;

Four-button: The Mold Is Used To Buckle On The Clothes;

G, According To The Luminosity:

There Are Light Buckle, Half Light Buckle, No Light Buckle, Matte Buckle


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