Zipper Head Knowledge

YG zipper slider

The Zipper Head Can Also Be Divided Into The Following Types According To The Different Zippers Of Nylon, Metal And Rubber Teeth:
The Overall Shape Of The Puller Body Is Generally Semicircular. Because There Are Teeth On Only One Side Of The Nylon Zipper At The Cloth Seam Of The Zipper Head, The Cloth Seam Is Wider On One Side And Narrower On The Other.
Nylon Zipper Head
The Zipper Head Has Sharp Or Obvious Edges And Corners On The Whole. Because There Are Teeth On Both Sides, Both Sides Of The Side Cloth Seam Are The Same Width.
Metal Zipper Head
The Overall Zipper Head Is Semicircular Arc Or Butterfly Shaped. Since Both Sides Have Teeth, Both Sides Of The Side Cloth Seam Are The Same Width.
Plastic Steel Zipper Head
The Puller Slider Is Also Divided Into Automatic Puller, Such As Nose, European Style Puller, Locomotive, Yg Puller, Copper Cap Cap, Etc. According To The Style. It Can Be Divided Into Zinc Alloy Puller And Copper Puller According To The Material,
Plastic Pull Head)

  1. Automatic Pull Head
    Auto-lock Slider: When The Pull Head Is Not Lifted, It Can Automatically Lock The Pull Head, Which Is Called Automatic Head. Generally Divided Into Five Piece Set And Three Piece Set
    Automatic Head Is Generally Abbreviated As N51a, D51a, M51a
    Five Piece Set (applicable To All Models): Puller Body Slider Body, Puller Puller, Empty Cap Empty Cap+snapping Line Cap Spring, Horse Hook Needle (y-shaped And C-shaped)
    Three Piece Set (usually Used For Nylon 3, Metal 4.5 #/also Called Big 3 Or Small 4): Puller Body Slider Body, Puller Puller, Spring Cap
    Four Point Pulling Head: Two Points On The Left And Right Sides Of The Cap, Four Points In Total
    Two Point Pulling Head: One Point On The Front And One Point On The Back Of The Cap
  2. Elephant Nose
    Also Called Non Lock Slider That Is, The Puller Only Has The Puller Body+puller, Without Any Lock. Usually Used For Sheets Or Bags. Simple Manufacturing,
    Low Cost.
    It Is Generally Abbreviated As N56, D56, M56
  3. European Style
    Italy Style Slidr This Puller Also Has A Lock.
    The Mmm (three M) Factory In Italy Makes The Best Quality Shrapnel. China Has Not Found A Suitable One. European Style Pull Head Body+pull Piece+spring Piece. Structural Requirements Of This European Style Pull Head
    Each Pull Head Has A Separate Water Outlet. So Except For The No. 3, They Can Make Six For The Guests. For Other Models, Only Four Can Be Made At Most. Some Guests In Other Countries Have Seen That They Can Make A Lot Of Pills.
  4. Yg Head
    Yg Heads Made Of Copper And Zinc Alloy Are Usually Used For Metal Zippers. There Are Single Lock And Double Lock. The Pull Tab Can Be Divided Into Positive Pull Direction And Reverse Pull Direction According To The Needs Of The Machine.

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