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  • OEM/ODM need 20-25 working days product agent:5-7working days!

  • have many stable and long term cooperation supplier for the product raw material and packing material price competitive

  • Focus on zipper development in 18 years, export more than 60 countries.

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    Guangzhou Aohongxing zipper factory is a professional manufacturer who can supply a connected sequence,from raw materials of the zipper to the ribbon, forming,from the stitching,dyeing to finished goods The main products are finished zipper,slider,snap hook,lock,ring,river…we can provide a variety of zippers for garment and bags and suitcases,mainly products are plastic zipper,resin zipper,PVC zipper. Also can be divided according to material,nylon zipper,Metal zipperand all kinds of invisible zippers,The production of series of zipper,specification,varieties and advanced technology,products are sold well in more than a dozen country.

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